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Martyn Stogden - ENJO Director

Martyn founded English Jazz Orchestra in January 2012. He is a multi-instrumentalist, covering piano, brass and reeds.

It is Martyn's vision to develop the finest, non-institutional jazz education and performance programme in England.

Martyn believes that everyone has the creative potential within them to enjoy playing or singing music at some level and that music making is an inclusive activity, one that spans and bridges generational and cultural divides.  It is needed more than ever as a cohesive force and this is why we base our workshops in the diverse communities of North London.

Martyn holds a Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree with Music & Literature and was born and bred in North London, where he now lives with his family.

Four Hills Music

Four Hills Music is the organisation that runs and supports English Jazz Orchestra and other fantastic community music projects.

Founded in 2007, our stable currently includes North London Brass Network, English Jazz Orchestra, London People's Orchestra & Chorus and North London Singers. We regularly work with around 220 musicians through our weekly projects.

All of our projects are inclusive, work with people of all age groups and encourage diversity - we meet people where they are with their music studies and take them to places they've never dreamed about.

Read all about Four Hills Music Projects on our main website at

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